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      Neeraj Buch, Ph.D., FACI,

      is Professor and Director of the Pavement Research Center of Excellence in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University. He has worked on numerous projects funded by state highway agencies (MDOT, CDOT, South Dakota DOT), the FHWA and the NCHRP. Buch has performed research on characterization of Portland cement concrete mixtures and their impact on pavement design and performance, pavement response and performance modeling, and pavement preservation. Recent research includes the investigation of design and construction factors on the response and performance of new flexible and rigid pavements (LTPP program), the effectiveness of precast panels as a rapid repair alternative, the impact of dowel misalignment on the performance of concrete pavements, evaluation of the new ME-PDG for the state of Michigan and the characterization of thermal properties for the various aggregate lithologies in Michigan. Over the last three years, Buch has also been actively promoting implementation of the precast pavement technologies as part of FHWA’s CPTP Task 65 technology transfer activities and was member and presenter at a forum on Precast Pavement Technology in Colorado Springs.