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MultiScale Mechanics of Materials

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Tennessee State University
Discrete to Continuum Bridging: Modeling and Experimental Characterization
Professor Ranganathan Parthasarathy

July 2020


Engineering problems such as mechano-sorptive behavior in polymers, amorphization of single crystals, hydrogen embrittlement in metals necessarily involve multi-physics multi-scale phenomena. A strong bridge between the mechanics and underlying material science is required to improve of current materials and further the understanding of natural materials.


We develop continuum scale constitutive laws which incorporate crucial information from smaller scales so that underlying mechanisms of material behavior are captured in the continuum scale model. This approach creates a synergy between helps accelerate development of new materials . Our approach is in the spirit of "Materials by Design". Materials which we study include crosslinked biomedical polymers and single crystals. We employ multi-physics characterization tools to validate our model from independent angles.


Our most recent finding shows that atomic-level residual strains associated with structural heterogeneity can be determined from a purely kinematic viewpoint. In previous work, we have demonstrated that vibrational spectroscopy can be used to study the nature of binding between solvent molecules and polymer chains to explain the resulting softening and mechano-sorptive behavior of crosslinked polymers.


We currently aim to strongly influence current methods of modeling alloys with no long range order such as HEA, BMG, and CSA using our new atomistic-to-continuum bridging approach. We have shown how granular micromechanics can be used to obtain a continuum interpretation of materials even at atomic scales. Our work in the area of polymer-solvent interaction and resulting mechanics has impacted bioadhesive development, mechanics of chemically attacked reinforced concrete, design of disposable gloves, and so on.

Selected Publications

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Core Competencies

  • Atomistic-to-Continuum Bridging
  • Granular Micromechanics
  • Multiphysics Material Characterization
  • Micro-Chemo-Poro-Mechanics

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Research Projects

Current Members

  • Yahaira Corona (M.S. Student)
  • Joshua Stokely (Undergraduate Student)
  • Alydia Young (Undergraduate Student)


Funding Agency  

  • Department of Energy