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  • Thank you for your interest in ASCE's Indonesia Section. The Indonesia Section was established in 1994 but is currently in a period of inactivity and is seeking volunteer officers.

    To volunteer as an officer, you should be an ASCE Member in good standing with a member grade of Associate or higher. Once the Section is functioning properly, elections for new officers will be required. The successful operation of the Section depends upon local volunteer member efforts.

    The purpose of ASCE Sections is to provide local engagement for ASCE members through meetings, guest speakers, networking, professional development, and technical content. 

    Contact ASCE Global Programs to volunteer.

    CECAR 8

    ASCE is one of the three founding organizations of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC), together with the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE). ACECC now has 13 organizational members with JSCE providing the permanent secretariat to the Council.

    ACECC organizes the Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (CECAR), which is held every three years in one of the 13 countries participating in ACECC. CECAR 8 was held in Tokyo, Japan on April 16-28, 2019.