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Life Member

  • A Life Member is an individual who has made a lifetime commitment to ASCE and the civil engineering profession by remaining a member for the full length of their professional career.

    DUES: currently exempt

    Current Life Member Guidelines

    • You have reached the age of 65 years
    • AND have paid dues in any membership grade except Student Member for at least 35 years
    • AND have had 10 years of continuous membership immediately preceding the attainment of Life Member

    Changes Coming in 2022

    The rules to become a Life Member are scheduled to change beginning with the 2022 membership year.

    Life Membership Guidelines in 2022 and Beyond

    • You have paid dues in any membership grade except Student Member for at least 40 years
    • AND you are retired

    All members meeting the qualifications to become a new Life Member will be contacted via email or printed letter. Prospective Life Members will respond when they are retired and be moved into the Life Membership category.

    DUES (2022 and beyond): Life Members will be required to pay 50% of standard Society dues rate.

    Note: Life Members who reside outside the US will also qualify for the same World Bank classification-based discount as they would if a non-retired member.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the 2022 changes

  • 1. Who will be impacted?

  • 2. Why is ASCE charging Life Member dues?

  • 3. As an existing Life Member, I do not meet the new criteria. Will I be grandfathered as a Life Member in 2022?

  • 4. If I do not pay the 50% dues, will I lose my Life Membership with ASCE?

  • 5. I have been a Life Member for many years, am I now expected to pay dues?

  • 6. As a Fellow and Life Member, will I need to pay dues?

  • 7. I previously paid the Lifetime Service Fee, do I need to pay dues?

  • 8. What happens if I do not pay my dues for 2 years then decide to rejoin? Am I still a Life Member?

  • 9. Can I make a donation equal to my dues to maintain my membership? Can a voluntary contribution of a certain amount substitute for a Life Member payment?

  • 10. Can I pay in installments?

  • 11. Do I have to apply for Life Membership?

  • 12. What benefits and discounts do Life Members have access to?

  • 13. How can I pay my dues?

  • 14. Do you offer automatic renewal for these Life Member dues?

  • 15. Does the new Life Member fee include shipping for the Civil Engineering magazine?

  • 16. Can I become a Life Member if I am working part-time? If yes, what is the maximum number of hours I can work and still be a Life Member? How should I document it for ASCE?

  • 17. I no longer have enough income to support paying dues. Can I appeal this decision? How do I do that?

  • 18. I currently hold ASCE Life Insurance. Will I still need to pay dues as a Life Member?

  • 19. Are Distinguished Members going to have to pay any membership dues moving forward?

  • 20. I typically pay the annual $50 Life Member Service Fee to receive a printed copy of the Civil Engineering magazine. Is that still an option?

  • 21. I am an international Life Member in a country that is eligible for reduced dues based on its world bank classification. Will my new Life Member dues include the international discount members in my country are eligible for?