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What is CROSS-US?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

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On April 7 of this year SEI hosted Structures 2020 Virtual Event in response to our annual event being canceled due to the pandemic. The event consisted of three recorded presentations each followed by a live Q&A with the presenters. The Q&A went so well that due to time constraints we were unable to answer all of the questions. 

The second presentation was about Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety - US (CROSS-US). View the presentation  and learn about CROSS-US directly from the Directors themselves - Glenn R. Bell, Andrew Herrmann - as well as Alistair Soane, with CROSS/SCOSS in the U.K. Below are the questions they were unable to answer during the live Q&A. 

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Does CROSS address rigging failures?
Yes, absolutely. Many failures and safety incidents happen during construction operations, and CROSS welcomes reports on them. CROSS in the UK works with AGOTS (Advisory Group on Temporary Structures) on rigging failures in temporary stadia and the like. An Alert on these was published in 2012 on Temporary Station Structures which includes commentary on the 2011 Indiana State Fair collapse. 

Have you thought about any plan to disseminate the platform in developing countries?  
Anyone can submit a CROSS report from anywhere, and this is encouraged. The CROSS International Group welcomes proposals to join them from formally accredited engineering bodies in any country. 

Due to confidentiality, how does CROSS assure that reported data is true and accurate?
One of the first steps in processing a CROSS report that is submitted is to verify the veracity of the reporter and the report. Often there is sufficient detail in the submitted report to gauge its authenticity. (Some of the detail of a submitted report is removed in the process of depersonalization and deidentification). We may also contact the reporter and seek additional confirming information. 

How can we find a unified standard format for the reports to CROSS-US?
On the homepage of CROSS-US click on "submit reports online" in the right-hand margin, about halfway down the page. The report input form appears there. 

If you have more questions about CROSS-US make sure to join #SEILive on September 2nd where Andrew Herrmann will be our guest!