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Marketing 101 - Sleazy Activity or Mutually Beneficial

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Instructor Information: Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D., P.E., F.NSPE, Dist.M.ASCE

Course Length: 1 Hour

Purpose and Background

The word “marketing” often engenders negative reactions or connotations. The project engineer or project manager sees images of brash, high-pressure car salespeople. He or she may be repulsed by the thought of “wasting” his or her professional education and experience doing “sales” work. Nevertheless, hopefully you will be at least receptive to the positive, win-win-win marketing model presented in this webinar.

Marketing is a major expense for an E/A/C organization—it consumes valuable non-billable hours and dollars. Other types of organizations, such as government entities and universities should apply marketing principles. Therefore, the marketing effort must be carefully planned and executed; disciplined management and enlightened leadership are required. Organizations should undertake a continuous, proactive, positive marketing process; not a series of sporadic reactions “when they need work.” As author Harry Beckwith noted, “Marketing is not a department, it is your business.” The need for everyone to be helpful to the marketing effort is heightened during difficult economic times. Is everyone carrying their fair share? Maybe they want to but do not know how.

Presented in this one-hour webinar is a positive, proactive, win-win-win approach to marketing, a model that all personnel can apply with tangible results. Participants receive a handout summarizing the webinar including references to articles, books, e-newsletters, websites and other self-study materials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the difference between marketing and sales
  • Learn a 3-part marketing model
  • Identify 12 marketing tips
  • Know 30 questions to ask those you want to serve
  • Review 25 pairs of what works and what doesn’t work

Webinar Benefits

  • Increase awareness of marketing responsibilities and opportunities
  • View marketing in a positive manner
  • Distinguish between marketing and selling
  • Enhance marketing knowledge and skill
  • Prepare more doer-sellers
  • Develop a personal marketing plan
  • Build relationships instead of just winning projects
  • Increase marketing return on investment

Intended Audience

Younger and middle level E/A/C personnel who may lack basic marketing knowledge and skill and/or may not be aware of marketing responsibilities and opportunities. Such personnel typically serve on project teams where they are in frequent and close contact with clients and are in a position to positively participate in marketing. Including personnel in:

  • Government
  • Academic
  • Professional societies 

Webinar Outline

  • Your attitude toward marketing: Carrying baggage
  • Financial necessity: How much do you spend
  • Catching and fishing is like selling and marketing
  • Marketing is not a department
  • Three-part marketing model
  • You cannot not market
  • Results of marketing studies
  • Elevator speeches
  • 14 marketing tips
  • Farmer versus hunter marketing
  • Making cold calls warm
  • Benefits over features
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Resources for additional study