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Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis of Recycled Materials - Part VI of VI

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Instructor Information: Craig H. Benson, Ph.D, P.E., DGE, M.ASCE

Course Length: 1 Hour

This webinar was co-sponsored by ASCE's Geo-Institute and ASCE Continuing Education

Purpose and Background

There is increased interest in green construction and creating sustainable infrastructure. Most of the development in this regard has been in connection with building construction, e.g., the LEED system. However, engineers and policymakers now realize that greater emphasis must be placed on quantiatively evaluating sustainability metrics/benefits for green construction. Energy savings, emissions reductions, water savings, and other sustainability metrics need to be quantified. Project managers and contractors also realize a competitive advantage by quantifying the sustainability benefits associated with their green construction processes. This webinar will highlight the quantitative benefits of sustainable construction using recycled materials and illustrate how life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) can be used to quantify the benefits of green construction in geotechnical applications. It will illustrate how sustainability analysis is used with real-world examples.

Learning Outcomes/Benefits

-Learn the latest developments in sustainable geotechnical design
-Examine how LCA and LCCA are used to quantify sustainability in design
-Become more competitive by learning sustainability principles and metrics
-Learn about quantitative methods of evaluating designs relative to greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste minimization
-Learn about recycled materials, where they can be used, and their benefits in terms of sustainability
-Be better tuned with the ASCE Code of Ethics relative to “sustainability”  

Intended Audience

Construction engineers, materials engineers, geotechnical engineers, highway engineers, environmental engineers, government engineers, highway planners, regulators, sustainability coordinators, and public works engineers will benefit from this webinar.

Seminar Outline

-Quantitative assessment of the benefits of using recycled materials
-Equivalent design with recycled materials
-Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): reductions in energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and landfilling
-Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
-Establishing targets and methodology
-Greening of earthen construction