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Benefits of Pavement Reclamation: How In-Place Recycling has Worked for National Parks/Forests

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Instructor Information: Michael Voth, M.ASCE

Course Length: 1 Hour

This webinar was co-sponsored by ASCE's Transportation and Development Institute and ASCE Continuing Education.

Purpose and Background

The Federal Lands Highway Division (FLHD) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has over 30 years of institutional experience with in-place recycling treatments and project delivery. In-place recycling has proven to be an economic, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting pavement rehabilitation method for FLHD. However, many transportation agencies and consultants do not include in-place recycling treatments within their “toolbox” of rehabilitation options.

This webinar will provide participants who have little to no experience with in-place recycling with an overview of the various in-place recycling methods, an introduction to project development including field investigations and pavement design, and key construction issues and specifications. Typical long-life performance history with these treatments on low and medium volume roads will also be shared. It is anticipated that this webinar will provide participants with confidence in the viability of using in-place recycling treatments as a routine pavement rehabilitation option.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of in-place recycling treatments including design considerations and construction issues. You will learn the benefits as well as limitations of using in-place recycling treatments.

Webinar Benefits

  • Understand the benefits of in-place recycling
  • Learn about project development, pavement design, and construction issues
  • See long term performance history of in-place recycling projects
  • Develop knowledge and confidence for including in-place recycling as a pavement rehabilitation option

Intended Audience

Civil engineers, roadway managers, and consultants, who want to learn about in-place recycling treatments for use on low to medium volume roads will benefit from this webinar. The webinar will be introductory in nature, but it is expected that participants have a basic understanding of roadway materials, construction, and pavement design concepts.

Webinar Outline

  • In-place recycling treatment types used by FLHD
    – Full-depth reclamation
    – Cold in-place recycling
  • Project selection and development, including limitations
  • Pavement design on in-place recycling projects
  • Key construction issues
  • Performance history