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Permeable Pavement - Design Considerations and Tips for Avoiding Failures

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Bethany Eisenberg LEED AP, A.M.ASCE
Kelly A. Lindow, PE, A.M.ASCE

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Sponsored by ASCE Continuing Education and ASCE's Environmental & Water Resources Institute.

The teleconference method allows the audience to see this webinar straight from my office, without having to travel. I have attended many ASCE webinars and find that ASCE knows how to put together an effective webinar.  Anonymous Attendee  

Purpose and Background

This webinar discusses various permeable pavement types, site considerations common to all permeable pavements their benefits, and tips for avoiding clogging failures.  

In spite of the environmental advantages of permeable pavements, in North America, they have typically remained outside the ordinary conventions of urban design and construction. Very few state and local agencies have standards or guidelines that can be used by practicing engineers for the design of these systems. In response to these issues, the ASCE-EWRI UWRRC LID Task Committee on Permeable Pavement developed a Committee Report entitled Permeable Pavements. This webinar highlights specific content from the manual which contains individual design chapters on porous asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable interlocking concrete pavement, and other types of permeable pavement. Design considerations that are common to all permeable pavement systems are emphasized. In addition, common myths surrounding the practice are addressed, including perceptions about practice strength, durability, clogging, cold climate usage, use in clay soils, and long-term performance. Attendees gain an introduction to permeable pavement technology and capability and will be directed to the upcoming comprehensive Committee Report for more in-depth information and resources. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about various permeable pavement types and applications
  • Understand permeable pavement hydrologic and water quality performance
  • Become familiar with elements involved in structural and hydrologic pavement design
  • Discover design, construction, and maintenance strategies to avoid failures

Webinar Benefits

  • Find out about the new ASCE Publication Permeable Pavements
  • Learn how permeable pavement designs can be modified for enhanced N and P removal
  • Learn how permeable pavement designs can be modified for increased volume reduction
  • Learn strategies for avoiding pavement failures

Intended Audience

  • Engineers
  • Regulatory personnel
  • Plan reviewers
  • Landscape architects who are involved in stormwater management planning, design, review or implementation

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction to permeable pavement types, uses and performance
  • Addressing common myths
  • Site considerations common to all permeable pavements
  • Structural and hydrologic design considerations common to all permeable pavements
  • Avoiding design, construction and maintenance failures