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ASCE JTE Call for Papers

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

JournalTransportationEngineering Transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in ensuring economic development and competitiveness of regions and enhancing the quality of life of people. Technological advances have unleashed new opportunities and challenges in the way we transport people and goods. This announcement is soliciting papers containing ideas on the development and/or use of new and emerging technologies in transportation. Special emphasis is given to technologies such as connected vehicles, automated vehicles, smart infrastructure, infrastructure monitoring, and smart cities. The said technology can enhance mobility, safety, environment, traveler convenience, or produce cost savings through optimal resource utilization.  

ASCE JTE is one of the most widely-read and rigorously peer-reviewed archival research journals in transportation engineering, devoted to publication of original research papers.  We invite authors to submit original research articles, reviews, or case studies that will stimulate the continuing efforts in transportation technologies.  These articles are expected to cover innovations in technology related (but not limited) to the following:  

  • any transportation mode (highway, transit, rail, freight, pipeline, marine, air transportation);
  • any phase of transportation system development (planning, design, construction, operations, monitoring, and maintenance);
  • any system component (guideway, terminal facility, infrastructure, or vehicle).

Guest Editors: Samuel Labi, Purdue University ( ); Praveen Edara, University of Missouri ( ); Byungkyu Brian Park, University of Virginia ( ).  


  1. In preparing your manuscript, the authors should follow the manuscript format described at the ASCE JTE Journal Site
  2. In submitting their manuscript electronically, the authors should access the journal at the Manuscript Tracking System

When submitting, the authors should indicate in their cover letter that the paper is being submitted in response to this call for paper (New and Emerging Technologies in Transportation).  


 Deadline for submission: March 15, 2017  

 Papers will be processed as soon as they are submitted.  

 Accepted papers will be published online as soon as they are accepted.  

 Anticipated date for online availability: May 15, 2017 

 Editor-in-Chief: Chris T. Hendrickson , Ph.D., Hon. M.ASCE, Carnegie Mellon University  

 Managing Editor: Laurence R. Rilett , Ph.D., P.E., University of Nebraska, Lincoln  

 Editor-in-Chief Emeritus: Kumares C. Sinha , Ph.D., P.E., Hon. M.ASCE, Purdue University