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T&DI and FHWA Announce the 2017-18 LTPP International Data Analysis Contest

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Many highway agencies still need to gain a better understanding of which pavement data elements have the most impact on highway system performance. Students are invited to prepare a paper, using LTPP InfoPave™ and analysis, to provide highway managers with a clear understanding of how different data elements affect pavement performance over time. A review of the LTPP data should be performed along with a thorough literature review of performance measures and pavement management reports.

The 2017-2018 contest theme is Use the LTPP Data to Evaluate a Question or Concern for Your Region or State . Students may alternatively choose to address the challenge topic, Use the LTPP Data to Evaluate the Impact of Mix and Materials Properties on Individual Distress Types for Asphalt or Concrete Pavements, and enter a paper in that category. The challenge topic focuses on a more specialized component related to ongoing LTPP research with the potential to contribute to other pavement-related research areas.

Contest Guidelines are available on the T&DI Contest page .


Deadline to Submit Papers  |  July 1, 2018
Complete Evaluation of Papers | August 15, 2018
Notify Winners  |  September 15, 2018
Recognition/Awards at TRB 98th Annual Meeting  |  January 13, 2019