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T&DI Announces the 2017 Robert Horonjeff Award Recipient

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Dr. Amedeo R. Odoni, Ph.D., NAE, M.ASCE, F.INFORMS, has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the Robert Horonjeff Award. Dr. Odoni's significant work on airport and airspace capacity and air traffic flow management has transformed the theory and practice of airport planning and engineering worldwide, influencing the entire process from planning and design to operations and policy-making. As an educator, his influence has been far reaching. His seminal texts - Urban Operations Research, Airport Systems: Planning Design and Management, and The Global Airline Industry - have been used by many students, educators, and practitioners worldwide and have helped deal with many cross-cutting issues affecting air transportation.

As a researcher, Odoni's contributions have been long-standing and consistent, and pave way for further advancements in the future. His early work, including his dissertation, resulted in the development of a state-of-the-art suite of models for estimating airport airside capacity and delays. These models and their variations are widely used. They were applied extensively in work at BOS, LGA, CLE and Stockholm in the 1970s and 1980s; in the recent years, they have been applied at Auckland NZ, Copenhagen, Montreal Dorval, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and several other smaller international airports in successful projects aimed at determining future expansion needs of these airports.

As a consultant, Dr. Odoni is sought worldwide, mostly for help with many complex issues affecting airport capacity, safety, and operations. From 1970 to 1990, he helped many airports in dealing with capacity problems, along with impact on safety needs, for airport expansion projects. Subsequently he made key contributions to the planning and design of the airside of Amsterdam Schiphol, Munich International, Malpensa (Milan), the new Athens Airport,and (ongoing) the new part (Changi East) of Singapore's Airport.

Amongst other notable achievements, Dr. Odoni is the T. Wilson Chair Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT, an elected member of National Academy of Engineering, and a volunteer on ASCE T&DI's Aviation Planning and Operation Committee (APOC). However, his most proud achievement has been the students he has mentored and the contributions they are making worldwide on many facets of airport engineering and planning.

The Robert Horonjeff Award was established to recognize and honor a person, persons, organization or organizations for outstanding achievements in, and contributions to the advancement of the field of air transportation engineering.