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Meet the T&DI Planning and Development Council Chair

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Diniece Mendes, EIT, A.MASCE

The Planning and Development Council, led by Chair Diniece Mendes, EIT, A.MASCE, monitors four committees: Sustainable Transport Committee, Infrastructure System Committee, Freight & Logistics Committee, and Economics & Finance Committee. The purpose of the Planning and Development Council is to gather, review, develop, evaluate, and disseminate new criteria, research, and technologies in the areas of multimodal transportation planning, land use, and development within the committees.

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Diniece Mendes is also the Director of Freight Mobility at the New York City Department of Transportation. She has over 8 years of progressive experience leading, streamlining, assessing, and implementing large-scale transportation planning and performance systems across the Greater New York City area. Currently, Diniece oversees a multi-million dollar program to advance policies and initiatives that reduce the adverse impacts of trucks on infrastructure and communities while improving safety, truck delivery efficiency, and New York City's economic competitiveness. Diniece earned her Bachelor and Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the City College of New York and the University of Texas at Austin respectively and has been in actively involved all things ASCE including a new T&DI Diversity and Inclusion effort. Locally, she serves as the City College of New York Engineering School Alumni President and is extremely passionate about building connections with CCNY engineering students, faculty, and alumni.