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Student Spotlight - Anup Raj Dhungana

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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Anup Raj Dhungana

While the COVID-19 situation spread worldwide early in 2020, many students were preparing submissions for T&DI's first student competition, Around the World in XX Days Using YY Ways, with the ultimate goal of placing in the top 3 and making a live presentation at the ICTD2020 conference in Seattle. The pandemic put a pause on this, but not for Master's Candidate Anup Raj Dhungana, a featured student this month.

Raj was born and raised in Nepal, a small mountainous country in the foot of the Himalayas. As a youth, he loved science and technology, and his pursuit of this passion led him to Tribhuvan University where he earned his Bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2015. While completing his undergraduate work, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck (April2015 Gorkha Earthquake), triggering a deadly avalanche on nearby Mt. Everest, killing 35 people. All told, nearly 9,000 people perished in the region, and over 22,000 sustained injuries. In response, Raj immediately joined with countless others to help restore order, and worked for 2 years in the reconstruction sector.

His curiosity during this 2-year period steered him towards pursuing an advanced degree, focusing on structural engineering.  He applied for scholarships to study abroad and was selected for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship of 2018. He moved to Sweden and has been studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He presents and defends his thesis on Parametric Design and Optimization at the end of June.
Outside of his professional and academic life, he loves volunteering and traveling. During his two years of study in Sweden, he managed to volunteer in 4 different groups/organizations and traveled to 13 European countries while maintaining good grades. He is undecided as to the next move, but is exploring the job markets in Europe, Nepal and other international destinations. He speaks English and Hindi in addition to Nepali.
Congratulations Raj, for earning your Master's degree during these difficult times, as well as submitting an excellent travel itinerary in response to our student competition. Job well done!

(note: the student competition was cancelled this Spring, as was ICTD2020, thus no award was made)